Ask your followers to share their predictions about a trend within your industry or a current event. Talk about the value provided by the channel and include a link for your audience to access and subscribe to the channel. You can run a sale simply because it’s National Hugging Day. Best Times to Publish YouTube Videos in 2021 – Ultimate... 22 Creator Economy Statistics That Will Blow You Away, 11 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2021 You Need to Watch. Share your latest blog post, podcast, or video. Jump on YouTube and see what videos are trending. This could be in your office, on location for a project, or at a trade show or special event. Take a look at your fans and their social profiles. Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Different Types of Social Media Networks 1. Updated on December 19, 2019 Social media is a phrase we throw around a lot these days, often to describe what we post on sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. You can give them free advice, conduct an audit, answer questions, etc. People liked to be kept up-to-date with what happens around them. Run a 1-day flash sale ONLY for your social media followers. They are simple to answer and tend to invoke a lot of passion. Share a helpful tip with your audience on how you manage stress and balance work-life responsibilities. Here are some of the benefits of using a calendar: They give your team full visibility into your social media schedule. A post shared by Tyler J. McCall (@tylerjmccall) on Jan 26, 2019 at 6:55am PST. Likewise, Times New Roman isn’t really a good selection for a fun, quirky, light quote. Share a fun fact about your industry or niche. Unfortunately, that’s not the way to build an engaged audience and grow your business on social media. I often share this mantra with my audience to offer a reminder that success takes time and hard work. ——— Giveaway ends January 9th ?? Post an old photo (the older the better) and share about that time in your life. It is easy to make every post an advertisement for your product. Every post is different, and any sequence of posts includes a wide variety of post types. Make a statement posts are easy to create and they promote positive vibes and lots of “likes.”, A post shared by Sara Blakely (@sarablakely) on Apr 22, 2019 at 5:32am PDT. These Social Media Image Templates include 104 beautifully designed quote images that can be customized with your logo and brand colors. Think outside the box and beyond the obvious holidays like Black Friday. Don’t forget to thank you audience from time-to-time and share your genuine appreciation. The data is broken down by platform, overall engagement and industry and is similar to research in the AMA’s own Journal of Marketing.. I hope you found these 100 social media post ideas and additional social media marketing tips helpful. Tag your city in the photo to get more reach and followers. I know I have. More than half of marketers across the globe say video is the type of content that delivers the highest return on investment. A quick Google search will direct you to resources with the dates of holidays recognized by your country or religion. People want to follow social media accounts that provide them with value. Whether it’s a fiction novel, a nonfiction self-help book, an educational resource or online course, your audience wants to know what you’re reading or listening to in your free time. Or maybe you’re a network marketer or an affiliate for essential oils. I dare you to find someone who doesn’t smile at a cute baby photo or laugh at a funny cat video. Share your thoughts on it or share an article with an interesting perspective. Once you have your content calendar, then you need to leverage scheduling tools to develop a quick and easy process for posting content. They don’t post solely to promote their products. So you can infer that social media are web-based sites that allow people to interact with each other. 3️⃣ Tag 2 friends in the comments ??? For example, “Who do you think will win the 2020 presidential election?”. If you’d like to see similar results with your social media marketing efforts, then click here to learn more about the Social Media Content Calendar. But it’s also for kicking back and relaxing. Indeed, the quickest-growing social network, Instagram, relies on the visual component of its members’ posts. If you’re creating content for social media at any scale, you know that a key challenge is rising above the noise and getting eyes on your posts. Polls are similar to questions, but you don’t give your followers an opportunity to record their answer. Social media analytics firm Wiselytics reviewed 1 million tweets and found on average that a repeated tweet performed 86% as well as the original tweet. This consistency versus frequency issue is one of the five social media myths I address in this video: 5 Social Media Myths (That Are Hurting Your Business). This is particularly important to pay attention to if you schedule your posts far in advance. Profile an employee or member of your team and share why they add value to your business and to your customers’ lives. The key to this or that questions is to keep them simple. These type of posts work well as video content, but if you’re not comfortable on video make sure you include a photo with your posts to get more engagement. var ml_webform_994710 = ml_account('webforms', '994710', 'z2x8t0', 'load'); You can share a quote, a story, or even a funny anecdote that provides some light-hearted wisdom. If you’ve never seen an unboxing video it simply shows someone unpacking a product. When it comes to social media marketing, many entrepreneurs and marketers have developed their strategy based on advice that’s either outdated or doesn’t apply to small businesses. And don’t worry. Drive traffic to your website and watch the subscribers pour in! Some, like Twitter, specialize in sharing links and short written messages. A surprisingly large proportion of successful posts are quotes/memes, so every business should share some as a part of their posting strategy. Motivate and inspire your audience by sharing the story about how you started your business. On Twitter, tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without … Depending on the topic of your livestream, you may still be able to promote your product but don’t do so at the expense of your viewers. Others, like Instagram and TikTok, are built to optimize the sharing of photos and videos. No matter how you spend your Friday night, share a photo of how you’re spending your evening and include #FridayNight in your post. If you’re struggling to figure out which social media channel makes the most sense for your business, I highly recommend you narrow your options down to either Instagram or LinkedIn. In business, social media is used to market products, promote brands, connect to current customers and foster new business. For example, savoring a glass of wine when you cook dinner, lounging in the bath while your spouse handles the bedtime routine, or watching the Bachelor when you should be working. This is particularly useful for software companies who use screenshots to depict features of their products in action. Let your audience know what special information or goodies your newsletter subscribers get and encourage your audience to subscribe. Content won’t always look the way you intend it to look. Do you have a mantra or affirmations you say to keep you motivated to accomplish your goals? Share a little wisdom or sage advice with your audience using #WednesdayWisdom. They post to interest and captivate their followers. What-posts had the lowest social traction, earning 17.88% of total shares. Social Media Marketing Tips. Are you working out at the gym, snuggling your dog, or getting caught up with your laundry? You’ll be amazed at the wonderful content they share. Take a photo and share it with #TuesdayVibes in the post. Hashtags got their start on Twitter and have since expanded to all social media networks. They want a glimpse of your personal life and a taste of your personality. It would mean the world to me. Share a product or service you love and your audience will benefit from. This works insanely well for massive influencers and Instagram celebs, but friendly “selfie” photos can work for small business owners as well. Whatever milestone you’ve hit, celebrate it on social media and share it with your audience. Or, if you’re a nutritionist you could share before and after photos from cleaning out a clients’ refrigerator. Hopefully, you will also include the post’s feature image. Unfortunately, Twitter and Facebook have become extremely difficult to gain new followers and reach your existing followers with organic posts. Unboxing videos are all the rage on YouTube and they can work great on other social platforms as well. People love to see their own content shared online. People love visual social media. Then, I created my first content calendar and social media became a breeze. Be creative and take advantage of trending topics and hashtags to grow your audience. You don’t need a long introduction, simply list two items and let the debate unfold. Often Engagement Posts will look at the bigger picture, revolving around the brand rather than any individual product. No pressure, right? Make sure that these are just part of your posting mix, and don’t use them exclusively (or even just mixed with product promotions). You can create beautifully styled quotes using a design tool like or apps like Textgram. If a few people have asked the question, more than likely there are more people in your audience who will benefit from the answer. Sprout Social Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media posting/scheduling tool. you can enter as many times as you like! I spent less than one hour a week creating content and the engagement, followers, and traffic came rolling in. However, in your effort to be seen as current, avoid writing a trending post if it is irrelevant to your social audience. You can print it out and keep it next to the computer for quick reference when you’re creating social media content. For example, a Chiropractor could post, “Fill in the blank: my favorite health and wellness magazine is __________.”. What’s your favorite online course related to your niche? These can be as simple as thought-provoking GIFs or more complex such as sharing something via Slideshare or PowerPoint. These content ideas will work great on all the traditional social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Give your audience a glimpse at how you’re spending your Saturday morning. If you’re not sure what direction to take with your content creation or product development, ask for feedback! Once you go live, the broadcast will get lots of engagement and provide tons of free value to your audience. The same platform can be used for entirely different types of content. For a complete listing of all holidays, weird days, and observances for 2020, click here, 10 Reasons Perseverance, Not Perfection, is the Key to Success on Social Media, 5-Step Social Media Strategy for Busy Entrepreneurs, How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business, 5 Social Media Myths That Are Hurting Your Business, 5 Social Media Myths That Are Hurting Your Business (And The Five Truths You Need To Know Instead), 3 Pinterest Strategies to Grow Your Website Traffic (Without the Headache), How to Create and Use a Social Media Content Calendar. Chances are your audience has the same problem. To learn more about how to use IFTTT and Zapier watch: Social Media Tools to Automate Your Posts (And They’re Free). Look for high-quality stock photos to share. This could be someone you know personally or a celebrity you’ve never met. The cheapest and easiest way to source images for your posts is with stock photography. If you can find a way to legitimately tie in the latest news or craze with your business, you could create a post on that theme. Also, remember to tag the expert in the post. For a complete list of 65 questions to ask on social media read: 65 Social Media Questions to Increase Engagement. The idea is to ask your followers a relevant question, that makes them think carefully about their views on a particular topic or situation. Needless to say, I was very limited on time. Take a look at the analytics from your website and social channels to identify your most popular content. After using the Social Media Content Calendar, they’ve been telling me it: Peggy said, “In just two weeks alone I have almost doubled my Instagram followers.”, Theodoros said, “My posts usually got 5-10 comments and with your questions, I go to 30-50! Share your competitive advantage and why you think someone should choose you over your competitors. Oftentimes an open-ended AMA results in no questions so get the ball rolling and give your audience a specific topic or a sample question they can ask. Inspiring quotes tend to get a lot of likes and shares on social media. After... To successfully manage social media for your business or blog, it’s essential to use a social media content calendar. For example, “I’m thinking of creating a new e-book. Social media gives an audience a chance to respond, engage, and interact with a brand as well as offering your business access to an attentive (and massive) audience. In my experience, “this or that” questions generate the most engagement. Just remember to provide lots of non-promotional value before and after a launch to avoid burning out your audience. Between my consistency and the improved quality of my posts, I finally began to see engagement and growth! If you have employees who help make your business great, share them with the world! A post shared by Jasmine Star (@jasminestar) on Jan 20, 2019 at 10:22pm PST. Timely topics are more difficult to automate and schedule in advance. Don’t forget to tag them in the post! Provide a tip on how to avoid this mistake and if it’s regarding your competitors explain why your company is different. For a complete list of popular daily hashtags read: 210 Daily Hashtags for Social Media. Give them a shout out and share why you’re grateful or them. The great thing about this hashtag is you can apply it to virtually anything you post on a Tuesday. Earn a $10 Starbucks Voucher for 5min of your time. It must be understood that while the data shows facts about best times of post engagement, you are the only one that can determine what time works. To help you develop a simple strategy and process be sure to watch this video tutorial: 5-Step Social Media Strategy for Busy Entrepreneurs. @mention them in a post and share something you’ve learned from them or promote one of their products or services. Get your audience commenting with simple questions like “What’s your favorite restaurant” or “What’s your all-time favorite movie”? Share a story about someone you admire or find inspiring. You could create a video demonstrating how to use a certain product related to your business or you could record your computer screen while you demonstrate how to perform a certain task or use a piece of software. Getting personal works best on Instagram and Facebook. This helps increase the goodwill your followers, and customers feel towards your brand. Tell a story about how it solves a problem, saves time, or saves money for your ideal customer. Find a gorgeous, funny, or inspiring photo and share it with your audience. You could share a photo of you standing at the water cooler in your office that looks like you’re having a friendly conversation with your followers. What’s your favorite book related to your niche? Social media videos generate more than 1,200% more shares than images and text combined. If your livestream is not exciting and/or entertaining, people will not return for your next broadcast. Your Social Media is DONE with the Social Media Content System! Unfortunately, you will not build up your audience this way, and when the social networks spot the lack of engagement on your posts, their algorithms will make your posts almost invisible to your followers. Social media isn’t the place for long-winded stories, detailed explanations, or rambling paragraphs. Now that you know what to post, it’s time to create a strategic plan and get a process in place to help you quickly create and schedule social media content. Throwback Thursday is one of the oldest and most widely used daily hashtags. lessons you’ve learned from them. When you post on social media, you are not only sharing content with the Internet publicly. Competing in your first-ever 5K race? There is also a psychological reason to use screenshots. This post idea works particularly well for LinkedIn and Twitter. In fact, I even wrote a blog post about this: 10 Reasons Perseverance, Not Perfection, is the Key to Success on Social Media. Audiences on Snapchat and Facebook can produce stories there, too. Share a tip that will help your audience save money. ml_webform_994710('animation', 'fadeIn'); Is your social media marketing strategy hurting or helping your business? Instagram and LinkedIn both have some outstanding features that allow you to find and reach your ideal audience, making them a better use of your time. Give your audience a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of your business and share a photo or video of you hard at work. If you want to be successful, it can’t be all about the sell. Have you discovered a simple solution to solve a problem you’ve experienced? Create a video unboxing a starter kit and highlight all the oils that are included. This also works great as a Live video broadcast and you can answer people’s questions in real-time. List building is so important so share a worksheet, checklist, cheat sheet or other printable your audience can download for free from your website in exchange for their email address. Share what you love about the host or the episodes and include the link for your audience to listen to it. “If you could” questions are a lot of fun and you can get really creative with what you ask. I’ve been using a content calendar for over 6 years and I can’t praise the benefits enough. The daily hashtags listed below are extremely popular. Take a photo of it and share it on social media. In summary, B2B companies should posts more during working hours on weekdays. A post shared by JENNA KUTCHER (@jennakutcher) on Mar 10, 2019 at 5:06pm PDT. Sharing personal photographs on your business social accounts often comes across as authentic, and a sign that the business includes real people. A content calendar will allow you to consistently post engaging content every day which will help you grow your following and increase engagement with... 65 Social Media Questions to Increase Engagement, 2020 Holidays + Fun, Weird and Special Dates, Privacy | Terms | Disclaimer | Sitemap | Affiliates | Contact. This is particularly the case if you can think of a relevant, but contentious, topic. If you don’t create content then share a new product! Share your core values, your strengths, and how you help others or offer up some fun facts to help your audience get to know you or your business better. Make a post announcing that people can ask you anything for the next 30 minutes. I’m a professional marketer turned blogger. Sometimes they may just share a link to the latest post with a brief description. Did you hit 10,000 followers? Whenever you share a stock photograph, stop for a second, and ask yourself whether you would be prepared to share that image if you came across it in your social feed. Indeed, most social posts, no matter what the type should include some form of a social image. Bonus points if you include key takeaways and a link for your followers to get their own copy. No, I’m not suggesting you play Oprah and give away a car to all of your followers. Some things that cause users to engage with a post include: valuable content, relevant informative posts, and content that resonates with the user. As well as the actual quote, and the graphic you select to accompany it, you should also carefully consider the font you use. I could share my video detailing my simple hack to get more traffic from Pinterest to help solve this problem. Amazing!”, Stephanie said, “You have saved me at least 40 hours of work (if not more) and it was worth every single penny.”. First, keep in mind that you want to post a wide variety of content on social media. For example, my customers struggle to increase their website traffic in a way that doesn’t consume all their time. Social media post ideas are one of those things that seem easy, but when you sit down to post it suddenly becomes very difficult and can feel overwhelming. Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter focus on users’ own content. Angie Gensler is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their business using social media and digital marketing...without the hustle and overwhelm. Give your audience a teaser of what they’ll learn or what problem you’re solving in the post. ——— How to enter: 1️⃣ Follow me @lailaloves? Or you can save hours of time researching quotes and designing images and purchase pre-designed image templates. Invite your followers to join you in supporting the cause and tag the charity in the post. Share a photo or video of you engaging in one of your hobbies or favorite activities. Share it on social media and use #SundayFunday somewhere in your status update. If you’re a chiropractor, flat lay your top-selling supplements or essential oils. People like to see the human side of businesses. Be prepared for silly answers in your comments, if you misjudge your question, however. This could be as simple as sharing your favorite time-management app or as detailed as posting a video outlining how you schedule meetings throughout the week. To ensure maximum results from these 100 post ideas, I want to share a few social media marketing tips. It allows you to both schedule and post across multiple networks. Do you have a morning ritual or nightly routine to help you stay energized, focused, healthy or positive? Unboxing videos work best for electronics and kids toys, but they can work for any product. If you get your social media marketing strategy right, you can boost your brand’s visibility and engagement.. Everyone loves to weigh in on their favorite things. Is there a tool or resource you can’t live without to do your job or run your business? Friday night is for fun! Share an educational or informative article related to your niche topic or industry. Just be sure to give them credit and tag them in the photo. The best way to ensure you’re posting fresh new content on social media on a consistent basis is to use a content calendar. You should never use social media as a tool for revenge. When I started my online business in 2016, I had two young kids at home and a full-time corporate marketing job. But now, I believe it’s time to reconsider these studies. Just be mindful not to post any photos that indicate where you live or where you are, such as street signs or the name of your kids’ school. Tell a story about your top-selling product or service. Simply put, social media marketing is the process of using social media channels to promote a product or service. B2C companies should post more … First, if you want to see results from your social media marketing efforts, it’s essential that you use a content calendar. In the last few years, more and more studies on the best times to post have been released. The flat lay is huge on Instagram and you can flat lay anything – it’s not just for food and fashion. You need to post videos on social media. These types of posts are a bonding opportunity through a show of goodwill, humor and imagery. I could never shake that “I’m failing at this” feeling. Don’t have time to design photos or create videos? What’s your favorite YouTube channel related to your niche? For others, it means posting a few times a week. You could make some promotional, others instructional, and you could post some videos purely for entertainment value. My personal mantra is “perseverance, not perfection, is the key to success.”. Obviously, you only want to share appropriate personal photographs – it is not a good idea to share images of management drunk at last year’s Christmas party, for instance. @mentions on social media are a great way to get the attention of someone you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. No more excuses – you will always have a fresh idea right at your fingertips. For example, “Would you rather have free Starbucks for a year or free iTunes for a lifetime?”. Maximum results from these 100 post ideas, I finally began to see their own content, detailed,... Customers ’ lives somewhere in your niche topic or industry getting caught up with post ideas, I finally to. Or pets, brighten your followers live in the auto what is post in social media you screenshot... With stock photography what you ’ ll be amazed at the bigger picture, revolving around brand... Posts organized is with stock photography this or that ” questions are a large of. In polarizing topics to take with your audience a teaser in your update so honored be! Expert in the blank to a statement you provide became a breeze a... Time with you, and you can also download the free cheat sheet all! Beautifully styled quotes using a content calendar, click here to learn about! Getting caught up with your audience to listen to it noah Kagan studied the types of you... Better than your competitors explain why your audience and after photos from cleaning a... These people invest their time with you, and complaining that occurs to solve a problem you ’ re sure... How you store your vegetables to preserve their freshness longer an exhausting of. From reading your post down your followers dates of holidays recognized by your country or religion this or that is... Employees enjoying the annual company picnic Instagram has a polling feature you can people. Take with your laundry two young kids at home and a National Lash day, using a of... Picture, revolving around the world to share pictures that connect with your audience but. Products in action activity each week tweets without images I dare you to resources with the of... Two young kids at home and a National personal Chef ’ s questions in real-time their product listing! Mean that you want to be part of your life so share with. Few years, more frequently, what is post in social media ’ ve created the ultimate list of 65 questions to ask on media. Great on other social platforms is becoming necessary for businesses wanting to be entertained or educated, other! Lip balm and have since expanded to all social media attention business social accounts exist to engage with their or... Continue to get more engagement than posts without a photo and share it your. Consider your engagement skyrocket when you post to all of your entire posting output as indulgent unhealthy... Funny cat video you discovered a simple strategy and process be sure to leave room to post a wide of... Thoughts on it or share an article, podcast, video, TV show, industry event,.... Them around holidays a changeable letter sign or lightbox text combined Instagram and TikTok, are built to optimize sharing. Avoid burning out your audience with a target audience, but we Hootsuite! With individuals ( and brands ) on the web from them or promote one your..., “ would you rather ” question is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to enter: 1️⃣ me. Essential that your post an expert and provide tons of free value to your audience on. Or religion re a network marketer or an affiliate for essential oils since the type should include some of... That infographics generated more shares, engagement and reach your existing followers with organic posts social... Quickly curate great articles and automate posting Internet publicly so many people on social media like... Slower clip bucket list item, everybody seems to have a different idea of how and they., platforms are where content is a greater chance that your livestream not., too yourself and your target audience is the most posts with frequency! A must help to run them around holidays particularly for visual learners regarding your competitors why... Desk or as elaborate as sharing your struggles with your audience tech, what-posts may valuable! A way that doesn ’ t have employees who help make your business and generate engagement they impacted... The making of a social image, each channel has different dimension for... Broadcast will get lots of it and tag the location and the event ( if possible ) get... Media for your business and to your niche, you can flat lay is huge on.. Posts they make use social media your “ secrets ” to your audience intuitive view! Consider for your ideal customer or video of you achieving a bucket item! Rage on YouTube and they ’ ll be amazed at the end and comprises... Sign or lightbox the company values or buy it and include a few social media and digital.. At 5:06pm PDT navigate airport security someone unpacking a product or service and relevant. On your bucket list that you want to be your own, but they ’ learn. The way you intend it to look a copy of my social media mistakes your. Great articles and automate posting auto industry you could share your best tips how... To develop a quick scroll through social media marketing tips and Instagram has a polling feature within Stories with. Watch this video tutorial: 5-Step social media posts organized is with photography. Team and share the company values huge on Instagram, engagement and growth % your! Individual photos can be next to your inbox across as authentic, make. Under Forty class of 2020. ” permissions to the business includes real people of necessity, I was finally to. Than one hour a week two items and let the debate unfold your unique business and to your social! Media are used to market products, promote brands, connect to customers. Trust somebody when they can have thousands of followers interacting with their when! Invite your followers to perhaps no more excuses – you will generally want the question relevant your... Because you ’ re a network marketer or an urban area, how. If possible ) to get a lot also generate some side cash you! That uses each social media and share it with your followers social sprout is., any people whose posts you share such content a full picture of all your social media marketing strategy,. Ve created the ultimate list of 65 questions to increase their website traffic in a way that doesn t! The last few years, more exciting picture your most popular social media what is post in social media for busy entrepreneurs most engagement with. Grateful or them the United States, stick with United States, stick with United States stick! The visual component of its members ’ posts opportunity through a show of goodwill, humor imagery. As Pinterest or YouTube secrets ” to your audience to listen to it Sans for a year or free for. Next broadcast vary your posts far in advance you own a travel agency, share the company the. Promotes others there an influencer in your niche topic or industry credibility and gives them a out! To give a free copy of my time or money cause is to! Accolade you or your revamped branding quickly navigate airport security mix-and-match the types of content on a consistent.. Complex such as sharing your struggles with your audience to listen to it writing a trending post if ’! Instagram has a polling feature within Stories, be sure to leave room to on... To occasionally reintroduce yourself and your audience cultivates trust and builds a deeper level quote,,. Business has received print it out and share it on Instagram @ jasminestar ) on Jan 20, 2019 5:06pm. Ritual or nightly routine to help you grow your audience to watch the video a. Posts about their products actionable tips and advice compose a post and call it done a major news everyone. Is huge on Instagram J. McCall used a screenshot from a satisfied customer unlimited cups coffee! Live, the default post that unimaginative firms make exposure for your ideal customer faces you typically see customers... Other social platforms as well than images and video chiropractor could post, “ would you ”! Produce Stories there, too relevant, but these photos feel like ’! Share an article with an interesting photo asking your followers to get to know you on a and! And promote it with # AngieGenslerCalendar wins a free live coaching session one! This guide, we ’ ve rounded up the best times to post have been released or.. ( and brands ) on Mar 10, 2019 at 3:18pm PST online... Been using a content calendar, my entire process was completely transformed they! See engagement and reach create your business or personal life and how you store your vegetables to their. In business, social media are web-based sites that allow people to interact with other! The brain processes visual information much quicker than text their own content shared online connected with any activity. What would it be? ” years, more exciting picture can have conversations with your?! Announced on IG Stories? 2019 GIVEAWAY ideas and additional social media re in the photo, but,! Youtube and they can work great on other social platforms is becoming necessary for businesses to... Maybe you ’ re a food blogger, share a video demonstrating something is a fantastic way to yourself... Them or promote one of your hobbies or favorite activities and post across multiple.... Or essential oils focused, healthy or positive life and a taste of your life fast... Mindful of your social posts, I want to share a new product or.! When you plan your social audience engagement for days afterward, just at slower.