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Health Care

IHSG has recognized a need to participate in healthcare development in emerging nations. While the need is often greater in developing nations, optimal healthcare services are largely unavailable or unaffordable. The resultant effect is that many citizens are denied appropriate care. Improving economic performance in these countries means that the demand among all sectors of society for access to quality healthcare is poised to increase. We see an opportunity for innovative and ingenious approaches leveraging technological advances to take advantage of new market opportunities.

In recognition of this deficit and the enormous opportunity it has presented, IHSG has made investments in healthcare on three strategic fronts, general medical services focused on lifestyle diseases, specialized healthcare service provision as well as expansion of access to care through use of telemedicine and mobile platforms. Our specialized healthcare delivery services focus on key chronic conditions that drive most of the healthcare problems in regions of our operation. Special focus areas are heart disease, renal care and oncology.

Some of our investments in healthcare includes:

Other Investments