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About us

IHS Group (IHSG) is a US based asset holding and investment management company with focused interest in both high performance global brands and strategic regional interests. The company utilizes disciplined selection criteria to identify optimal opportunities for investment and value creation, appreciating potential for the long term returns. We operate through a series of wholly or partially owned entities in various sectors of the economy with a particular interest in innovative solution oriented services in emerging economies.

In the long term, IHSG seeks to diversify into a trusted holding and management company with investments in smart, intelligent and value-driven investment products and services. Core to our business philosophy is the belief that innovation and creative thinking are essential in solving problems and creating value. We are strongly invested in the smart and efficient use of technology to leapfrog and create profitable operations in developing and emerging economies around the globe.

IHSG has emerged as a fast growing and rapidly evolving holding company that has an impressive portfolio of innovative and highly diversified interests in signature projects and products.

IHSG is dedicated to effectively managing this growth and deriving optimal results through various subsidiaries. While IHSG provides support in business structuring and management, financial modeling, procurement and strategic development, these companies operate independently, driving IHSG's landmark projects.

IHSG's current portfolio spans multimillion USD worth of investments across various sectors of the economy including healthcare, technology, education, publishing etc.

Supported by a strong, innovative and experienced team, the company aims at leveraging its expertise and unique position in capitalizing on opportunities within the US and in emerging economies with potential for high return on investments. We aim to accomplish our goals with a diversified and optimized investment portfolio. We continue to seek out new opportunities to identify those opportunities that fit our philosophy and investment objectives.